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What is Savvy Statistics?

Savvy Statistics is a statistical consulting business run by Dr. Sean P. Mackinnon. Savvy Statistics provides practical, timely, and high-quality statistical consulting, database management, and technical writing services tailored to meet the needs of researchers working in the social sciences and health-related disciplines.

What kinds of statistical analyses do you specialize in?

I have broad expertise and graduate-level training in univariate and multivariate statistics, including (but not limited to), t-tests, correlation, multiple regression, chi-squared tests, ANOVA, ANCOVA, mediation, moderation, factor analysis, and statistical power calculations. I have particular expertise using R, SPSS,  Mplus, jamovi and G*Power software. On the more complex end of the statistical spectrum, I specialize in four primary areas:

Structural Equation Modelling: Using the lavaan package in R and Mplus software to conduct confirmatory factor analysis and estimate the overall fit of large, multivariate structural models.

Longitudinal Data Analysis: Using specialized analysis techniques such as cross-lagged panel models or multilevel models to account for repeated measurement over time.

Nested Data: Using statistical techniques such as multilevel modelling to properly analyze nested data (e.g., individuals nested within couples, schools, or work units).

Non-Normal Data. Finding solutions for analyzing data that are not normally distributed in the population, such as number of alcoholic drinks consumed (e.g., poisson regression, data transformations, robust estimates of standard errors).

What are your credentials?

I have a Ph.D. in Psychology, with significant applied experience in statistics and research methods. My CV outlines my background and experience in greater detail, and the testimonials page lists endorsements from collaborators and former clients.

How much does statistical consulting cost?

The first initial 1-hour consultation is free. At this meeting, we will determine what services you need and if my skillset is a good match for your needs. Shortly after this meeting, we will begin the process of creating a contract which outlines my expected duties, an approximate timeline for completing the project, and the associated remuneration. Once the contract is agreed-upon and signed by both parties, the paid consulting will begin.

Typically, I charge an hourly rate. My rates are $90 CAN per hour, and are quite competitive when compared to typical rates from other consultants.  Paying by the hour tends to be the most simple and fair approach for everyone involved. However, in some situations a flat fee may be more appropriate. These flat fees can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis during the contract-creation phase following the initial meeting.

How do I get started?

To make an appointment for a free initial consultation, please email From there, we can make the arrangements for a first appointment in-person (if in the Halifax Regional Municipality), by video conferencing, or by telephone.

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